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Evaluative Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Evaluative Report - Essay Example Each section in the report analyzes an important component of the essay written by me in order to establish the importance of academic writing skills in essay writing. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Essay Structure 2.1 Essay Introduction Analysis 2.2 Essay Body Analysis 2.3 Essay Conclusion Analysis 3.0 Paragraph Structure 4.0 Linking/Connecting Ideas and Information 5.0 Integrating Evidence 6.0 Referencing 7.0 Conclusions/Recommendations 8.0 List of References 1.0 INTRODUCTION Academic writing is an integral part of most of the academic courses pursued in the current world, and the learners need to produce various types of academic papers such as ‘essay’, ‘position statement’, ‘report’, etc. Analyzing or evaluating one’s academic writing skills has great significance in the background of today’s higher education system as such assessments help in the improvement of academic writing process in the future. The possibilities of one’s career development in today’s academic scenario depend mainly on one’s ability to write convincingly according to the requirements of academic writing. In this evaluative report, a detailed analysis of my academic writing skills demonstrated in Assignment 4 (Essay – final copy) is carried out and it builds upon the structure developed in Assignment 3 (Monitoring – report). ... xiii). Broadly, academic writing may refer to any type of writing done in an academic setting. Essay: An essay may be defined as a short academic composition on a specific topic, having components such as introduction, thesis statement, topic sentences, body paragraphs, conclusion, etc. Position Statement: A position statement can be defined as a type academic paper which clarifies or describes a specific arguable point of view. 2.0 ESSAY STRUCTURE An academic essay is an essential element of academic writing, and it assesses a student’s aptitude to present his thoughts and ideas in a structured manner. An effective essay writing process starts with collecting crucial ideas about the topic, and it is essential to present these ideas in an organized way. Thus, an essay should begin with introducing the thesis and the main arguments in an interesting way, and it should be developed logically through the body-paragraphs, ending with a logical conclusion. Therefore, there are thre e main segments in an essay, i.e. the introduction, the body and the conclusion. 2.1 Essay Introduction Analysis In this section, an analysis of the introduction of the ‘Monitoring – Essay’ is carried out. The introductory section of the essay is as follows: The rate of people developing type 2 diabetes is soaring in the western world; Type 2 Diabetes in recent times was typically regarded as a disease of the middle-aged and elderly. While it still is true that this age-group sustain a higher risk, evidence shows that diagnoses of this disease in people aged less than 30 years is accelerating and in fact becoming quite common. Even once active children and

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