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Roles and Desires of Men in the olden times based on the Story Faust Essay Example for Free

Roles and Desires of Men in the olden times based on the Story Faust Essay In the lives of men and women, different thoughts and desires have come to their minds. Various types of needs and aspirations are known to have been in the back of their minds. With this thought, most of these men and women tend to aspire things which sometimes translated into dreaming. In the psychoanalyst’s point of view, dreaming is something that is from our unconscious. The thoughts which different individuals had which had been pushed in the back of their minds show while we are in deep slumber. In the book scene The Witch’s Kitchen is able to analyze the theory made by Sigmund Freud relating to the story written by the Goethe â€Å"Faust†. The story of â€Å"Faust† is a German Folk Tale in which many different authors had created their own version in order to relate to their time. Through all the available versions, Freud utilized the Goethe’s version in order to explain his theory of â€Å"Outline of Psychoanalysis† (Prokhoris Foreword). Sabine contradicts most of the theory made by Freud and explains that the literary work of Goethe is just a material in which the psychoanalyst utilized in order to make his theory evident. But still, Sabine explained in the whole book that the theory is unlikely to be related to the written work of Goethe. It is stated that the different actions of characters where only a translated or related as such due to the desire of Freud to explain his thoughts and justify his claim. However, in this paper, the analysis of the scene in The Witch Kitchen would not be close to psychoanalysis instead, it would focus on the regular lives of individuals. The analysis in this paper desires to relate the scenes which had made in the earlier period to the current state of mind of various individuals as well as the existing values and lifestyles of people. In this scene, the drama for the first time enters a feminine sphere after dwelling almost exclusively in all-male realms. Also, for the first time Faust experiences a domestic space, a kitchen. How does he react to it? What is the significance of this particular setting? It is known that a kitchen is normally known as a space for women in order to create a dish for the different individuals and their families. In some context, the kitchen is a place where in women devoted their time for the reason that they need to provide food to suppress the feeling of hunger which could result to pain or anger. It is stated in different parts in which directly states that the devil cannot create anything. Although the devil has the power to do different actions which are not naturally for any being, the devil cannot do anything for him or her to generate something. The devil still needs someone that could create something for him. At first Faust did not think that he would be lead into the kitchen of all the available places in the house. As said earlier, a kitchen is a feminine placed which is only designated for a woman. It is obvious that Faust was deeply wondering whether or not he is in the right place and what other possible actions could the devil be asking him now. In my own analysis he felt uncomfortable which then leads to not knowing what to do. But then, the devil was able to explain the different action which he needed to accomplish. Faust is not even close to the thought of having â€Å"girly† materials therefore he disgusts the thought and look of â€Å"dainty† materials around him. Like a typical man, having â€Å"girly† materials and thoughts is something very far from what he needs and wants. However in my own point of view, there is too much hatred which he felt for the â€Å"girly† materials around him. It could be assumed that he is truly angry with girls or he just simply hates dainty materials. In the current times, such materials are not truly hated by men. Although they do not use such material for themselves, there is no sign in which men acts violent when asked about something close to such. Faust’s hatred in my own reflection might be a sign that there is he had a history which such materials or with girls. In the other hand, it could also be assumed that he had frustrations if he sees such kinds of materials. In a feminist view point, the hatred of Faust could be immediately interpreted that he hates how women are—their attitude their characteristic and their desires. It is known that most women likes such things and most men want to give dainty and adorable things for women to make them happy. It is either he does not want to satisfy women in such sense or he just plainly despises such things for the reason that he is a man who has strong desire of â€Å"manly† things for himself. Like most men, he is someone who was acting tough without any acts of weakness. In the current times, if men desires to have dainty things and are fond or them, it means that he is a homosexual therefore, it could be directly stated that Faust is not homosexual. What is the significance of the image that appears to Faust in the magic mirror on the Witch’s wall? Are there other instances of mirroring in this scene In the first scene in which he entered the Kitchen and was asked if he wanted dainty materials he immediately despised everything and even cursed it. But then, in the scene where a mirror was laid in front of him, it is interesting that he saw a woman standing in front of the mirror. It is puzzling that he despised â€Å"girly† things while when he faced the mirror, he was not able to see himself but a woman who was beautiful which he adores. With such interesting scene there are many assumptions and reflections which could be made. First, it could be assumed that the reflection in the mirror reflects him self. It could be that he wanted to be a woman which could be connected to the happiness which he felt while looking at the mirror adoring the image in front of him. Having someone in front of him who he desires to be is something that homosexuals would be happy about. If this assumption is correct, Faust desires to be a woman and the hatred that he felt about dainty things is something that he was acting for the devil to not think otherwise. During the times where in the image of a beautiful woman was reflected there is a big part of him where he found happiness because in some ways he had become something that he was yearning for in such a long time. In another context, if he is heterosexual it could be easily said that he wants to be with a female. In the context that the story is within an all male realm, the yearning of Faust was awaken. Seeing a beautiful woman made him realize that he wants to be with her and wishes a person close to someone like the image in the mirror. In other conclusion, it could be stated that the image in the mirror is a person which he desires to be with him. It is the mirror who presented what he wanted therefore he became thrilled when he saw the woman. In my own interpretation, the woman he saw was someone who has a very beautiful face, angelic and kind. It could be said that she was the one he wanted for him self to be his partner or his wife in the future. The delight in which was expressed by Faust had been something that was very exquisite. It almost felt like she was what he was waiting for his whole life and that she was someone whom he would do anything for. In the current times, men do not see women in mirrors like Faust have experienced. They are seen everyday like other normal people. Genders are mixed and they are mingling with one another unlike in the story which they were all men in the story. Compared to the value Faust gave when he expressed his happiness while seeing the image, men are not anything close to such kind of value now a days. In the past, men are not as able or they could not easily get a woman which just a few actions. There is a process in which they follow in order to achieve the love and attention of women. Wooing is something that is not practiced now. Individuals just get together when they realize that they have something in common or they like each other. Although women are said to be someone who are special and is worth all the love and affection, some men do express that they do this in order to get what they want. Most of the time, men only uses some strategy to get what they want and need while on the other hand women become used and helpless. In some point, I reflected that situation that: what if there are no women just mirrors to see who and what we want? Would anyone be happy or satisfied? Would men be the men they are now? —most probably not. But then I ask myself, why did Faust look at the image was happily, as lovingly as he was? It puzzles me because none of the lines stated that he was homosexual or something that just wanted to have a family life. But then, I still believe that the imagery that he saw was something he wanted for himself that if he maybe able to have it he will surely be satisfied unlike the other things which are presented to him like the dainty things as well as the images which were focused on the story. In conclusion, the story of Goethe is something that is puzzling and intriguing due to the different contexts that it has. There were issues of gender and desires which could only be explained by the writer himself. However, such could not happen anymore. The theories and the real ideas of this story is left to its readers to assume and hypothesize the thoughts in which are made in the story.

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