Friday, August 9, 2019

Final paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 10

Final paper - Essay Example These three authors also highlighted their views concerning the human nature as well as the ideal system of social justice. Notably, the views of these authors will form the core discussion in this paper. Karl Marx voiced his criticisms against the capitalist ideology, which had become very popular. According to Marx, capitalism comprised of the individuals controlling the production and the workers providing labor. From the onset, Marx made it evident that capitalism led to the division of the society into two conflicting groups. The capitalists made their interests evident because they wanted to use the workers to increase their profits. Karl Marx highlighted that the capitalists were exploiting the workers for their benefits. On the other hand, the workers did not have the means to control production, and had no choice but to work for the capitalists. Capitalism gave birth to the division of labor and specialization. Notably, the capitalists placed compulsion on the workers to be willing to work with technical and unpleasant jobs. In the view of Marx, capitalism led to the division of labor, a factor that degraded the value of humans and reduced them to machines. In addition, capi talism would trigger class struggles in accordance with Marx (Manton and English 377). The capitalists who formed the ruling class defined extreme of the system. The workers on the other hand defined the other extreme. The ruling class with its intention to exploit the workers would continue to oppress them in order to increase their profits. Over time, the workers would fight back. The fighting back, of the working class would be the cause of a conflict between the two classes. Marx also had the conviction that capitalism would lead to alienation. Since many workers did not experience any connection to their work because of their powerlessness alienation would result. Prior to the development of capitalism, many people relied on labor as a reflection of their nature

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