Saturday, August 10, 2019

McDonald's Corporation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

McDonald's Corporation - Essay Example No wonder, McDonald’s Corporation every year rakes in revenues worth billions of dollars. At the foundation of this impressive international expansion and mind boggling profitability lays the unique and customized marketing strategy of McDonald’s Corporation. Over the years, McDonald’s Corporation has evolved a highly versatile and resourceful marketing strategy to promote its products. McDonald’s is a corporate concern that believes in customizing its marketing efforts and brand strategy to suit the local markets. Therefore, it resorts to an innovative mix of apt marketing planning and execution, effective brand management and evolution and strategic creativity (McDonald’s Corporation 2009). Hence, the overall marketing strategy of McDonald’s has always been an assorted blend of catchy advertising and promotional, media publicity, in-store marketing, public relations initiatives, etc (McDonald’s Corporation 2009). The primary objective behind the marketing strategy of McDonald’s is to forge a meaningful and long lasting relationship with its customers. In its expansion history, McDonald faced several unique issues that were often specific to the local arenas in which its restaurants were located. The forte of the company has been its ability to realign its marketing strategies to accommodate the local concerns and issues. For example, in 2003, McDonald had to face a unique situation in Europe and particularly the UK, when its sales figures started dwindling owing to the rising customer concerns over obesity and health problems associated with fast food consumption (Marketing Week 2005). The situation desperately required an innovative and fresh approach towards marketing. McDonald responded to this challenge by coming out with timely, integrated marketing campaigns revolving around â€Å"music, sport,

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