Monday, May 13, 2019

Education Programs for African American Students Essay

gentility Programs for African American Students - Essay ExampleSpeaking about the problem mentioned above we should pay attention to the report of Special Education and its functions. It will help to see the current issue from inside. The fib of Special Education is an example of realization of democratic principles in educating the children, whose abilities are worse than intermediate. From 1875 to 1920 American schools are a offset of social changes. The early attempts of organizing the educational establishments for the children, who needed excess care, were included to special schools, where students were prepared for life and got educated. These schools were form with the aim of giving service to the people with deep, easily identifying disabilities. Later some(prenominal) classes for the disabled were opened in common schools. In 1878 two classes for the students with behaviour disturbance were organised. In the end of the 19th century the responsibility of educating t he disabled was recognized. The year of 1954 brought a law, which claimed compulsory education for all people (not considering race, ethnic identity, gender and disabilities). During the history of special education the disability differentiation was the main point for discussion. According to the law students should get special care if they have the following disabilities mental disability, ear disturbance, speech disturbance, eye disturbance, serious emotional disturbance, autism, and some difficulties in learning.

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