Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Report Type Assignment Based of Swatch Case Study Essay

Report Type Assignment base of Swatch Case Study - Essay ExampleBased on the case study, hunting at the company must entail engaging in a lot of conversation, jocular gestures and more informal talk. This is because the counselling vouches for a less formal and relaxed mood in order to create an avenue for creativity, as well as motivate their employees. Its vertical frequency of chat places it at a highly vertically integrated state such that the open door indemnity enables individuals at different hierarchical levels, in the company, to interact freely. This makes all members of staff to feel important, valued, and respected. Their opinions must be considered in the decision-making processes, and they are free to share their ideas without fear of being judged or victimized. Such a work environment makes the Swatch organizational setting a fun yet focused place to be as an employeeThe core business of the company is manufacturing watches that would lead to customers imperceptib ly be glide path attached to them. Unlike other organizations, they rely that individuals can be manipulated emotionally such that they end up acquiring more than a couple of watches in their lifetime. This is the core of their business, and it is anchored on innovations, which appeal to potential buyers. As a result, consumers will keep coming for more and more watches hence, keeping Swatch in business by boosting its sales. Finally, a customer would have a pleasant experience at a Swatch store since the staff is jovial and ready to assist them to look for the innovations offered by the company.Swatch has the ability to grow since it has four major development phases. The first phase, which was meant for the survival of Swatch, is its effective international distribution system. This helps the company to acquire a large market base all over the world. Secondly, the management of Swatch has employed good strategies, which have aided the company to succeed in reviving its luxury

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