Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Last Supper Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Last Supper - Research Paper ExampleFor centuries, Jesus saviour is the most prominent religious figure. His life is mostly chronicled in the Bible and a historical calculate of Tacitus mentioned more or less the death of Christus in the hands of Pontius Pilatus (Canfield 144).Prior to his death, Christ and his disciples were recorded to have the supper before Passover and this later on would be one of the important events not only in the history of Christianity but will too shape the sociological, cultural and political history of the world. Immortalized in moving-picture show as early as the 1300s (Dyas 139), the renowned scene depicting the know meal of Jesus Christ with his disciples was rendered in varied styles by artists from incompatible art genres. Two of the most famous versions of the give-up the ghost supper were Last Supper created by Renaissance painter da Vinci Da Vinci (Kleiner 582) and the painting by Mannerist Jacopo Robusti generally known as Tintorett o with the same title created in 1594 (615). Differences cannister be observed immediately upon viewing the devil last supper paintings. Both paintings vary mainly because the two painters belong to different periods and relatively, the social, political and cultural situations during their respective times had influenced Da Vinci and Tintoretto in creating their renditions of the last supper.Aside from the surround conditions during the era of the two artists, a close comparison of the two versions with the Biblical accounts about the famous last meal would enlighten as which artist had depicted the scene exactly or was close affluent to what really transpired during the night before the Passover. Probing on the accuracy of the two paintings, may demystify the misconceptions regarding the last supper which in recent times had largely influenced the social, political and cultural beliefs. An example of which is the controversial story about the last supper in Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. A fresco made for the church refectory of Santa maria delle Grazie in Italy, Da Vincis Last Supper measures 13 feet and 9 inches by 29 feet and 10 inches (4.2 meters by 8.9 meters), oil and tempera on the plaster wall were used by the artist (Kleiner 582). The symmetrical painting depicts Jesus Christ at the center of the tabl

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