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Chapter 4Rising ExpectationsAfrican Americans and the StruggleFor Independence, 1763- 1783The Rising Expectation of the African Americans and the struggle for Independence was a great thing for blacks they started rise up over slavery, they made a big impact in the wars, and they got the Declaration of Independence from Thomas Jefferson. I.The Crisis of the British pudding stone1)The Great struggle.2)The two empires Great Britain and France.3)The independence movement and the rising of hope for blacks freedom.4) In 1689, the British and cut fought in many wars.A) europiumB) IndiaC) North AmericaD) AfricaE) Caribbean Sea5) The great conflict escaladed during the French and Indian War. A) It started in North America in 1754. B) It spread in 1755 to Europe.C) In 1755 the French and their Indian allies defeated Virginian and British troops.D) Not until 1758 did the Britain undertake a vigorous and expensive military effort.E) In 1763 Britain had forced France to withdraw from North A merica.F) Spain real upstart Orleans and the huge French province of Louisiana in central North America.6) France and Spain, the eastern woodlands Indians could no longer resist white encroachment.A) Florida swamps placid remained a refuge for escaping slavery.B) The bonds weakened between the thirteen colonies.7) The British officials made Americans pay taxes.A) For the costs empire.8) England was entirely reasonable that the government should start taxes.A) Trading goods with whom they pleased.B) paying taxes to only locals. 9) In the 17 60 Parliament repeatedly passed laws that Americans didnt like.A) The Proclamation Line of 1763.B) The Sugar Act of 1764.C) The Stamp Act of 1765.10) In tonic York City in October 1765 the Stamp Act took steps toward united resistance.A) The import of British goods.B) In 1766 Parliament repeal the Stamp Act.C) In 1767 it forced the New York Assembly to provide quarters.D) British troops enacted the Townshend Act.E) They taxed such things as g lass, lead, paint, paper, and tea.11) In 1770 the Boston Massacre.12) May 1773 when Parliament passed the Tea Act.A) The act gave the British East India gild a monopoly over all tea sold in American col... ...pOn July 1775 Washingtons policy to the contrary happened.2)The Revolutionary War to its conclusion.3) yap Hill on June 1775 was a bloody battle.4)Peter Salem who gained freedom in returned for his military at Lexington and Concord.5)Prince Hall became a prominent black leader.6)Dunmores use of African-American made his army strong.7)He succeeded with Negroes faster.VI.The Revolutionary and Emancipation.1)African Americans risked there live for the Patriots.2)In the 1770s most of these legislatures were debating.3)The North was the most sinewy at this time.4)In the Chesapeake is where some of these forces operated.5)In the tremblers families were engaged in international business.6)Benjamin Lay a former slave holder moved to Quaker to dominated the colony.

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