Thursday, June 20, 2019

Project 3 Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Project 3 Research Paper - Essay ExampleThe different proportions of the ages engaged in the sites coupled with the geographical standard of the popular sites argon too looked into. There is also a discussion of how the relation of the youths as a demographic group is affected by the sociable sites and in this case, the affable aspects as well as the ethical and moral turpitude as influenced by the sites are considered. Further to this, the advantages and the disadvantages of the sites to the youths is discussed to give a conk out understanding on how these sites builds or breaks the social fiber in the society that goes in tandem with the ethical part of the society. The paper also give an story of the occurrence of how the society has made a perfect person that is played out in the sites with a conclusion that gives remedy and precautionary measures that should be considered to bend possible negative impacts imminent in the social sites. Introduction With the development of t he digital media, the contemporary society enjoys much more features from the digital media than before, today, through the social networking sites, information can be retrieved in seconds there are millions of information that is relayed second by seconds and all this information reaches those who are in the social networking sites. ... To some(a) extent, digital media that is the social networking sites provides educative and explorative avenues through which users can grow smartly. We have YouTube that has a plethora of videos captured and that can be down loaded for intellectual enrichment, these videos includes lectures and instructions that can be used by students and specialist to improve their intellectual acumen (Lenhart, 2007). This is not the only provision of the digital media, they can also be a platform for moral decay, and most of the sites are equally not morally upgrading and have been the contributing factor on the moral debasement in the society. It is thus impor tant to sieve and know the digital sites that are good for consumption and those that are not lest you be a slave of those sites that adds no value to life. Research As indicated in the introductory part above, this paper seeks to research on the effect of digital media through social sites on youths. Today, many an(prenominal) digital social sites are available for consumption by unlimited commonwealth around the world, the social sites provides a conduit through which information can flow, hatful can interact, and learn through one another. It also provides a platform through which new friendship could be made virtually by associating online with those people who are in the far-flung areas (Kiesbye, 2011). Ideally, it makes the world to be a small village through which we can easily get to learn several things that are going on around the world in a snapshot. Given this background, corroborated with the fact that about 900 million people visits the social networking sites every month put down about 7 billion

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