Sunday, June 9, 2019

The country of Armagede Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The area of Armagede - Essay ExampleA wild animal guard spans an area of some 1500 miles to the south. This refuge is heavily guarded against poachers and contributes more than three million dollars a year in tourism dollars that offset the cost of the backup man and contribute to the hospitality and cultural art industries in the country. The country supports a creation of 4,763,271 Armagede nationals with about population of 3,445,192 who are largely subsistent farmers with a per capita income of about population of $223. The largest concentration of citizens is in the two largest cities in the north and south where residents are employed in government jobs. There is a population of approximately 544 hatful per square mile. In the past decade the country has begun to maintain vital statistic and economic records that help show a continuing improvement in the countrys economic indicators. The per capita income has increased by nearly 5% per household over the past decade, as r epresented by the graph below. There is integrity university, Aduine University, in the north, a state sponsored university staffed largely by well educated professors from countries that offer incentives for foreign academic services. Most of the graduates go on to work for the government and in state sponsored elementary, middle schools and high schools. A large number of graduates leave the country for graduate studies in medicine and law, but statistics support the occurrence that these individuals return to Armagede upon completion of their studies.

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