Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Gas consumption in the united states Research Paper

Gas white plague in the united states - Research Paper ExampleA study of gas consumption base help alleviate challenge and improve on efficient use of the commodity. The negative externalities can also be addressed after knowing the extent of gasoline use. The purpose of this research paper is to find how throttle tax, average income, proportion of drivers population, paved way affects consumption of gasolene gas. For this research, the data covers forty eight states and the sample represents the whole population. Introduction The research bases its data from the individual that owns vehicles and firm owner with the appliance that use petrol. Furthermore, the research targets miniscule and large companies all industries. The availability of this information is crucial in preparing this report as it assures of credibility of the source of raw data. The report is reliable because the majorities of the respondent be literate and have the expertise and ability to give information accurately and provide insight in the gas industry. The report relies on a fastball root survey of the immaculate gas industry for one year and forecasts on future consumption. The forecast of the report reveals a combined outcome of an entire target population. The methods used to collect and analyses the data limit a margin of error slight than plus or minus 0.2%. Therefore, I can secure that the research paper provides a true picture of gas consumption in a year (Hejny S, etal 2003). ... dia have reported that gasoline has become cheaper, and the U.S is less dependent on imports from the Middle East, but this information remains elusive. The president on September 18 said that the hoidenish is not yet crude independent, but there is a boom of oil production that could benefit the country in future (Stratfor Geopolitical Diary, 2013). Oil production in the country skyrocketed to a high of 8 million barrels in a day, the highest production since 1989. Energy is used in heatin g and production of petrochemicals products. The usage can be broadly categorized to power generation and transport fuels. All the countries naught comprises natural gas, renewable wind power, coal, and finally nuclear power. In the U.S, petrol is derived from imports and domestic production of crude oil. The country produce it own coal and is almost being independent in its natural gas. The U.S and Canada oil deposit argon not sufficient to rid off the country from global suppliers (Stratfor Geopolitical Diary, 2013). One of the main agenda of the U.S government is security, and the country cannot produce enough efficiency for its people. Therefore, increasing production of oil ensures energy security for the country. However, this cannot be the only way to cure addiction to oil. Companies like the GM and Tesla are now exploitation electric cars that use battery instead of oil. This technology can swipe the use of gas to electricity in the near future (Stratfor Geopolitical Diar y, 2013) The energy consumption in the United States has decreased compared to China. China currently tops the world in energy consumption. The U.S consumption has decreased by 1.6% since 2007. It has, however, consumed twice that of the European countries. In 2011, oil was the main source of energy at 36% with

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